What are the Benefits of CNC Routers

What are the Benefits of CNC Routers

What are the Benefits of CNC Routers

Sep 13, 2022

What are CNC Routers

A CNC Router is a computer numerical controlled machine that uses computer programming to control a high speed rotating cutter to perform cutting and shaping operations (carving and etching images or patterns).  These machines cut a broad variety of materials, such as, plastics, woods, carbon fibre, glass and light metals, to name a few.  CNC routers can perform the tasks of many carpentry shop machines such as the panel saw, spindle moulder, boring machine, mortises, and tenons.

They are popular for 2D cutting on flat materials and are becoming an increasingly important tool for people with side hustles to make extra money as well as being an important tool for the Escape Room industry.

They are not just limited to 2D cutting, they are equally capable of machining elaborate 3D profiles and designs into the same wide range of materials.

They remove human error and work harder and more efficiently than you can by hand.

Improvements to CNC Routers

CNC routers have come a long way in recent years, particularly for travel speeds and positional accuracy.  Automated tool change options, as well as automated operation features, and software integration have also excelled.  This means you can now purchase a cost-effective, tailor-made machine to suit your exact requirements.

CNC routers come in a range of sizes, from small desktop machines, to industrial machines capable of quickly processing large thick materials.

The industries that depend on CNC routers are:

  • Sign making
  • Furniture making
  • Education
  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Electronics
  • Engineering
  • Set Design - including Escape Rooms
  • Exhibitions
  • Artists
  • Carpentry

How Do They Work

In their most basic form, a CNC router consists of four components, the cutting bed, the spindle, the drive system and the controller.  The cutting bed supports the material while it is being cut.  The spindle is the part which does all the cutting.  The drive system is essentially an arm which connects to the spindle allowing it to move in three directions while the controller tells the arm which direction to move the spindle.


A CNC router can be used to produce items such as door carvings for interior and exterior, wood panels, sign boards, wooden frames, mouldings, musical instruments, furniture and many other items.  It is ideal for hobbies, engineering prototyping, product development, art and production works.


CNC routers come in many configurations, from small home-style DIY desktop right through to large industrial routers for manufacturing for commercial use.

The benefits of CNC Routers


You can cut and engrave without the need for an alternate tool.  You can cut materials precisely and as many times as you need.  Reducing frequency of error and wastage.


These machines can be operated by just one person which cuts down on labour costs.  The operating speed is up to 25,000 RPM and the tool head can move quickly.  Allowing for materials to be processed at an exceptionally high rate.  These factors make the machine extremely cost-effective after the initial investment.

Ease of use

CNC routers generally receive their instructions from your software.  Once training has been undertaken, the machine is relatively simple to use.


CNC routers can create large amounts of chippings and dust during the cutting process.  They usually come fitted with a dust extraction system comprising of an extractor fan and filter.  This minimises the amount of dust leaving the machine and going into the surrounding environment.

Providing training is undertaken and appropriate PPE is worn, cnc routers are safe to use.  Protective housing can be added giving maximum operator safety which is good for schools and colleges.

The CNC router is a key machining tool in a number of industries, such as woodworking, panel processing, furniture making, signage, set designs and Escape Rooms.

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