CNC Routers

New Machinery CNC Routers

Find the right CNC router for your application.  We combine quality, price and years of manufacturing experience and design, with a good stock of machines in our factory showroom.  We have CNC woodworking, plastics or composites, perfect for many industries such as aerospace, motor, furniture etc.  Get the best CNC machine from Interwood and Masterwood, to name a few.

Find the best value and quality CNC routers for sale in the UK at Allwood.  If you are looking for a commercial solution we can help you.  Our CNC router machining centres are excellent for small to larger manufacturing projects.  Contact us now, or book a demo at our showroom, near London UK to find out how a CNC machine can help.

Ask us any questions about CNC routers and we will be able to display our in-depth knowledge, we offer fantastic after sales support with a range of service contracts, extended warranties and service plans.

If you would like details about expected delivery dates, or whether we can source the right machine for you, please call us on 01621 859477