Do Brushing Machines For Carpentry Save Money

Do Brushing Machines For Carpentry Save Money

Do Brushing Machines For Carpentry Save Money

Jul 08, 2022

Brushing machines are commonly used in carpentry shops, but can also be used by manufacturers in other industries such as, caravans, airplanes or construction.

Brushing machines are used as a labour saving tool to clean wood before other work is carried out, such as gluing wood panels.  There are also brushing machines that fine sand and smooth wood.

If you are implementing a production line, where you need to increase output, then a brushing machine will save time and work faster than a person can.

A brushing machine will pay for itself in under a year when you compare the purchase price against the cost of paying a living wage, plus national insurance and pension contributions for one employee.

Other labour saving machinery:

Woodworking presses:

Woodworking presses are popular with the door and panel processing industries, although they can be used in other types of manufacturing.  Press machines can laminate decorative materials onto furniture panels, building partitions, wooden doors etc.  Presses add pressure to laminates which can then be glued onto multiple surfaces including but not limited to wood, MDF and plywood.

Hot presses are more effective.  They can laminate multiple boards within a couple of minutes.  While cold presses are more economical but can take a couple of hours to finish one process.  When considering which press is suitable for your business, budget and production needs should be considered.

Vacuum membrane presses are great for veneer and PVC laminating onto curved or abnormal shaped surfaces.  To spread glue on board effectively, you can buy a press that has the ability to do this, or use a manual glue spreader.  Sliding table saws are great for cutting the panel after it has been laminated.

Presses are more expensive but they can still pay for themselves within 2-3 years, just on labour costs alone.

Glue Spreaders

Glue spreaders limit glue consumption and waste as the volume of glue applied can be accurately regulated.  Automated glue spreaders also increase production when compared to the time taken to hand spread glue.

Glue spreaders are relatively in expensive when compared to other woodworking machinery.  A glue spreader will pay for itself within months as you will have a reduction in labour costs and glue wastage.


Guillotine machines are the perfect tool for cutting expensive veneer species.  To get the best from your veneer and avoid mistakes that cause damage a guillotine is certainly a machine you should have.

Guillotines will make a perfect cut right from the beginning, cutting down on new staff training costs and material wastage costs.  They are a little bit more expensive than some of the machinery we have listed here, but again they will save you from costly mistakes and labour costs within a few years.

Interwood Machines

Interwood machines are one of the top ranges of machines for woodworking.  They are robust and last for a considerable amount of time.  Allwood produce Interwood machines and sell direct to industry and not to retailers.  If you would like a new Interwood machine please contact us directly.

We can also advise you about which products would suit your production line, whether it needs to be an individual machine, multiple machines or something bespoke.

Give us a call no on 01621 859 477 to find out how we can help you.