Press Lines

new machinery presses press lines

Presses have advanced over the past decade, enabling you to improve your efficiency and flexibility.  Allwood supply a wide range of pressing machines for wood, veneers, carbon fibre, composites and assembly.  Typical woodworking presses provide different solutions, such as heated, cold, vacuum, or frame and if you can't find exactly what you need we can design and make a machine for you.

The basic configuration of the pressing line is comprised of a feed belt, an automatic press and a discharge deck.  This configuration can be completed with numerous options, such as glue spreaders, polishers, automatic feeders, disk, roller or belt conveyors, automatic assembling stations, panel turners and stackers.

Lines with various degrees of automation can be supplied right up to fully automatic lines that do not require direct intervention by the operator.

Presses come in various sizes and with various powers/pressures.  The presses can be easily adapted to fit a businesses personal requirements

If you would like details about expected delivery dates, or whether we can source the right machine for you, please call us on 01621 859477