Is a cold press the right machine for your woodworking business

Is a cold press the right machine for your woodworking business

Is a cold press the right machine for your woodworking business

Jan 17, 2022

Woodworking is a complex process that makes use of a wide range of machines.  For some processes you may have the choice of several machines to do the same type of job, but each machine gives a different result.  An example of this is the cold or hot press.

Cold Presses

Cold presses use ambient platens, or rollers to generate force.  The amount of temperature, pressure, time and moisture content all factor into how the process works.  Cold presses can also be more economical to run then hot presses.  Which is a bonus when energy prices are at their highest.

It is well known that cold gluing is the best solution for certain types of applications.  The cold process can produce a finished product with better characteristics than those which can be obtained by hot pressing.

One of the limitations of a cold press is the long curing times of the glue.  This takes much longer than the hot press.  However, this limitation is being overcome by the new generation of glues.  Glue curing time has been greatly reduced when used within a cold press.

Cold presses allow you to press in a stack using cold curing adhesives.  They are used for veneering chip board and MDF panels, laminate panels, doors and more.  Cold presses are popular in the furniture industry.  Whereas hot presses are popular in, but not limited to, the marine industry for making polymer fenders.

Hydraulic Cold presses create greater forces to produce products that may need shaping.  Used for making doors, room dividers and much more.  These machines can be used to work with plywood, MDF sheets and various other surfaces.

A cold press is a heavy duty machine that will make your production line more efficient and profitable.  This is a machine you can expect to have for a very long time and should be seen as an investment instead of a cost.

With Allwood's expertise it won't take you long to find a cold press that will be appropriate for your business and give you effective results.

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What Allwood provides

Thanks to years of experience in designing and developing presses for the wood industry, Allwood now offers a wide range of models with specific features designed to meet different production requirements for the wood, plastics and metal-working industries.

Virtually any component that goes into a wood or composite panel construction, can be manufactured in a process utilising a cold or hot platen style press.

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