Interwood Hop Press Single Daylight

Interwood Hop Press Single Daylight


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Interwood Hop Press

Table size 3100 x 1550mm
Number of tables 2
Number of daylights 1
Front side (loading) 3100mm
Loading depth 1550mm
Loading height 1130mm
Daylight (aprx) 300mm
Number of cylinders 10
Cylinder formation 5 rows of 2 cylinders each
Cylinder diameter 85mm
Cylinder stroke 400mm
Closing speed 22mm/sec
Total thrust 120 Tonnes
Max specific pressure on 80% of the surface 3.5kg/cm² (50psi)
Max specific pressure on 100% of the surface 2.8kg/cm² (40psi)
Working temperature 0 - 130°C
Oil pump motor 5.5kw
Electric boiler power 54kw
Net weight 9000 Kg
Automatic Opening with Timer
Manual Exclusion of 2 Cylinders
All platens Covered with detachable Mylar Film

Lease or Finance options are available on request.