Do I Need A Band Saw

Do I Need A Band Saw

Do I Need A Band Saw

May 05, 2022

If you work with wood under 1 inch then you shouldn't need a band saw, a hand saw will be fine.  However, if you are working regularly with 2 inches and above a band saw could become your best friend.

What is a band saw used for?

A band saw is capable of cutting wood, plastic composites and insulation.  Most workshops are going to have a band saw because they are so versatile, they also take some of the labour effort and time out of using a hand saw.  They cut curves, shapes and deep ripping - cutting a board lengthwise or parallel to the grain.

Band saws are upright machines that don't take up much space.  Band saws aren't much better than hand saws when it comes to the finish of the cut, but they have a lot more endurance.  A band saw will be working long after your hand would give up with a hand saw.

Do you really need a band saw?

Hand saws are very efficient at ripping thinner stuff, so if you mainly work with anything under 1 inch and occasionally 2 inches then the hand saw will be fine.

When you start to work with 2 inches and above regularly then a band saw is going to save you time and effort.  As we all know, machines usually out perform humans.

If you have always worked with a hand saw and are used to the marks it leaves and like to work with those marks, then the band saw won't disappoint.  It won't take anything away from the work you enjoy doing as it leaves the same marks.  So it won't take anything away from the way you approach your work.

The band saw is a great labour saving tool for when things get tough, they cut faster and have more endurance than a hand saw, nothing more, nothing less.

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