Allwoods Engineering Skills Put To The Test

Allwoods Engineering Skills Put To The Test

Allwoods Engineering Skills Put To The Test

Oct 05, 2016

Allwood was approached back in April by Neil Carter of Specialist Commercial Joinery who are based in Billericay.  He asked if we had a woodworking machine that could apply a special edging which would be very hard and brittle.  Neil hadn't worked with such a hard material before and had exhausted all ideas on how to apply it.

We invited Neil and his Manager to our showroom where we ran tests using our machinery and discussed the arising problems.  By the end of the day we still could not achieve the finish Neil needed.

Neil left us thinking we had been defeated and there was no machine capable of dealing with this harder material.  But, we like a challenge and our inquisitive minds couldn't let the problem go.

We decided to look at other ways we could achieve the finish Neil needed, so we popped over to our tooling supplier and purchased different cutters and fitted them to the testing machine, we saw improvements but still not to the high standard Neil wanted.

Further discussions with Neil highlighted he was happy with how the machine worked, we just needed to get the right finish.  Now we knew the machine was fine in how it worked we contacted the tooling supplier again to find out if there were any alternatives.

The new Interwood MFB60C edgebander comes to life.

We did further testing with new edging which produced outstanding results.  Neil was so impressed when we showed him what the MFB60C could do he ordered one.

We arranged the installation of the machine and showed his staff all the additional functions available to them.  We applied thin edging on a coil, 3mm edging on a coil, laminate strips, veneer strips and solid wood lippings up to 15mm.

It was extremely satisfying to fulfil our customers requirements, a machine that could handle a harder brittle material, save his company labour hours and money.

If you need woodworking machinery and can't quite find something that works for you then why not challenge us to find a solution for you.

Interwood MFB60C Edgebander